Frequently Asked Questions



Can I get decompression sickness when freediving?

At the recreational level of 10-20m depths, you are not likely to have sufficient dissolved gases in your body to be at risk of decompression sickness.


What are the differences between each school?
(PADI, SSI, Apnea International, Molchanovs)

All the training agencies aim for the same thing: To introduce the basics of freediving to you. The key basics of physics, physiology, techniques and safety will be introduced. While there some differences in passing requirements (e.g. 8m vs 10m diving depth) between the training agencies, we feel that the key difference your should really be worried about is the colour and title on your freediving certification. Would you like it in light blue or dark blue?

Can I take the plane after freediving?

As freedivers do not compress gas into our bodies the same rate as SCUBA divers do, we should (theoretically) be able to fly after recreational freediving. There is however, a lack of sufficient empirical evidence to support this. Thus we prefer to err on the side of caution and allow 12-18 hours between the final dive and take-off. From past experience, we found that 12 hours is the perfect interval to wash up, travel, check-in for your flight and relax over a cup of coffee.

Your course is conducted over 2 days. Is that sufficient time?

2 days is sufficient time to allow your instructor to go over the required skills, techniques and materials. This however, is not an assurance that you will pass the course. Freedivers use equalisation techniques not used in SCUBA that require mastery over internal muscles that you may not have used before. That said, we’ve found that most students are able to pass the course. If you are unable to pass in the first try, don’t fret. You’re welcome to join us in our next courses to practice under the guidance of an instructor.

*disclaimer: Some people learn quicker than others. 2 days is the bare minimum and was designed to suit a time-starved Singaporean. A typical Level 1 course duration is 3-4 days which allows more time for practice.

I’m a SCUBA diver and has dived deeper than 20/30m, can I jump straight to the level 2 freediver course?

Freediving is different from SCUBA diving. There are required knowledge, skills and techniques in Freediving which are not in SCUBA diving. The numbers in SCUBA are not transferrable to freediving. At the level 1 course, the focus is on physics, physiology, techniques and safety of Freediving.

I’ve tried freediving before while snorkeling/spearfishing/swimming and have already dived below 10m. Can I skip level 1 and  jump straight to level 2?

The short answer is, No. Although we acknowledge that you can dive down past a certain depth, we highly recommend that you do the course to learn the basic techniques, physiology and most important aspect of the course, safety.