Basic Level 1 Freediver course

Learn proper breathing techniques and familiarize yourself with your own physiology and respiratory systems. During the Level 1 course you acquire the proper skills and knowledge to Freedive to depths of 10 meters to 16 meters in the most relaxed and safe manner possible. You will develop the skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with breath-holding, gain better respiration and muscle flexibility and learn new skills to take your Freediving to the next level.

Pre-requisite: Able to swim continuously for 200 meters
Duration: 2 days plus self study
Price: $550 including certification, course materials, rental of mask and fins
Certification: Level 1 Certification
*Minimum total class size 2 people to commence. You can register alone but we reserve the right to reschedule the course if we do not reach the minimum number to commence.

You do not need to complete the basic pool nor intro courses prior to registering for this course.
A Level 1 Certification will allow you to join our Freediving regular pool trainings and continue your practice in your own time.

Certification Bodies offered:

  • PADI Freediver

  • Molchanovs Wave 1

  • SSI Freediving Level 1

  • Apnea International Stage A

    *Please check our Calendar for schedule of courses

Upgrade options: If you have a Pool-specific certification, you can upgrade your certification. Email us to explore your options!

Locations :- 
Pool: Singapore Deep Pool
Open water: Singapore Local Waters


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