Master Freediver Course

This is the apex of the Freediving program.

If you are an advanced Freediver who wants to learn how to fine-tune your training so that you can approach elite freediving levels, then this final level course is for you. Through focused sessions, you will bring your static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills to the next level. We focus on identifying individual technique gaps with a view to perfecting your skills in all all the freediving disciplines. At this stage, you will also learn advanced stretching and equalisation techniques which can bring you down deeper than 30 meters. We will also work on your monofin technique.

Prerequisite : Level 2 Freediving certification, First Aid / CPR certification
Duration: 4 days plus self study
Price: $750 including certification, course materials, rental of mask and fins. Does not include trip fees which will be advised.
Certification: Level 3 Certification

Certification Bodies offered:

  • SSI Level 3

  • PADI Master Freediver

Minimum 2 people.