About Fu Zi Xiang


Zixiang discovered freediving in 2014 while serving his national service and found a group of like-minded people who are also interested in freediving. After a year, he was introduced to underwater rugby where he dedicated his weekends to and has even played in some international tournaments. Today, he is back to dedicating his time to freediving and training under the guidance of Jonathan Chong.

Zixiang generally do not like to compete freediving performances with other freedivers. He is more interested in competing against himself and breaking new personal records. He sees freediving as a sport for self-improvement and self-development instead of competing for the best. He is also passionate about teaching freediving to newbies and giving tips for beginner freedivers who are just getting started. Zixiang is keen in discovering and analysing new techniques or training method that can have positive results in freediving. What he likes about freediving the most is staying relaxed underwater holding his breath as if the rest the world doesn’t matter anymore.

Being a student in local university at the same time, he tries to put in time and effort in freediving whenever possible.