Equalization: Frenzel Workshop

At some stage, techniques that you maybe have used to get down to 20m such as Valsalva, Tonybee or swallowing may not get you much deeper. This workshop is for freedivers either looking to learn how to equalise past these depth or those who require a deeper, well-rounded understanding of their frenzel technique to troubleshoot issues they may have.

We’ll first cover some basic physiology and anatomy with a specific focus on airspaces. Next we talk about typical problems faced by people. We’ll then talk about the muscle groups in your body that you require to control for an effective frenzel and the practice drills for them. Finally, you’ll learn a series of ‘checks’ for you to easily troubleshoot yourself or, if you have issues in the future, to go straight to the root issue.

Prerequisite : Level 1 Freediving Certification
Duration: Half day
Price: $200
Does not include: Pool entry, equipment

Minimum 2 people.
*This workshop is a non-certification class