Training Techniques

Want to take it to the next level? Are you seeking ways to improve your personal performance?

We recommend to attend this course for everyone who want to keep improving and progressing in freediving

With our freediving training techniques specialty, you will get all the keys to train in the water or on dry safely. You will experience high level of CO2, low levels of O2 but also will work on relaxation and body awareness.

This is intense one day course where you will learn the keypoints of how to train in the water and on land safely and effectively. The course provides you with a variety of training options, which increases your motivation and interest for freediving. During the course you will practice static apnea tables, dynamic apnea tables and apnea walking tables. All these exercises will help you to become more comfortable with longer breath-holds, will increase your tolerance to higher level of CO2, will help you to manage the discomfort caused by lactic acid buildup and will make you more relaxed and confident freediver.

Work on specifics and reach your goals with our Training Techniques specialty

Prerequisite : Basic Freediving Certification
Duration: One Day
Price: $200
Certification: SSI Training Techniques
Does not include: equipment rental.

Minimum 2 people to commence class